CACHE IAG Level 2 / Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance (QCF)

Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance / Level 2 IAG (QCF)

The Certificate is a nationally recognised qualification that demonstrates your competencies and understanding of how to support individuals and communicate the information they require. This qualification is designed for individuals who disseminate information, advice and guidance (IAG). 

This can be disseminated on a one-to-one basis but may also be to groups and is suitable for anyone whose role it is to provide information that is often interpreted by others.
To achieve the certificate, you must complete a range of mandatory and optional units.

Mandatory units include:
• Establishing communication
• Supporting recipients to make use of the service on offer
• Reviewing your own contribution to the service
• Understanding the importance of legislation and procedures
Optional units include:
• Developing interactions with advice and guidance
• Liaising with other services
• Offering advice and guidance to review achievement of a course of action
You will also need to have English and Maths at Level 2 (minimum) prior to starting this course.
Assessment is done by submitting a portfolio of evidence which you have gathered. You will assemble your portfolio of evidence under the supervision of your Assessor.

How long is the course?

120 Hours (Flexible - Minimum of one year?).

Delivery of Training:
Sheldrake Learning Centre, Salisbury 
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